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"Silvana worked with us on buying and selling our properties... She's really gone above and beyond our expectations, We appreciate everything she's done for us and had a great experience. Can't imagine using a different real estate agent!"

~ Sarah & Ryan

"We were fortunate enough to have silvana as our Real estate Agent...She was able to successfully find us everything we were looking for when buying... Overall a very excellent experience selling our home"

~ Lori & Jeff

"Fio and Michelle enlisted the help of Silvana for the sale and purchase of both their homes. "It really floored me that someone was willing to do so much more, or extra, just to help us get our house sold!" "She really goes above and beyond what a real estate agent is expected to do!"

~ Fio & Michelle

"When I first started looking I went to a couple of places with Silvana. Then I really did not have the time to check out all these places. I gave Silvana my criteria, and I said don't call me until you find the place that I am going to buy. That's exactly what she did. It met all my criteria and I'm really really happy. Thanks Silvana for all your great work."

~ Trish

"She visit saw homes before we did to make sure that is was something we were looking for.

Trustworthy and reliable, constantly following up with us.

Silvana knew that the kitchen was a very important thing for us."

~ Matt and Mary

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Cooking on the Queens Quay - Chickpea Entree   Cooking on the Queens Quay - Chickpea Entree
Apr 26th, 2013.
Cooking on the Queens Quay   Cooking on the Queens Quay
Apr 26th, 2013.
Silvana's Lentil Salad   Silvana's Lentil Salad
Aug 16th, 2012.