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Buyer Information
As a buyer there are several considerations.

1. Finding and fulfilling your real-estate needs.
2. Purchasing at the right price
3. Getting the right financing
4. Having an agent work with and understand your needs
5. Understanding all the legals
6. Understanding the upside of your purchase
7. Local schools, medical, entertainment and services

Silvana Barbato works closely with her clients to tailor a purchase and search to their needs. She realizes that everyone has different needs and places different values on things. Some buyers are pure investors and look at the renovation considerations. Silvana is not only an agent, but has significant experience in renovating homes. She has specialized in Kitchens and Bathrooms, which statistics show provide the most return. Her breadth of excellence does not stop with only the investor but she is a "Super Mom" also. A buyer can come to expect Silvana to understand a families needs whether it be a need for schools or services for seniors.

"Hi I'm Silvana. Feel free to be confident in discussing full or partial renovation guts with me, and know that you can easily change the topic to schools, entertainment and your personal needs."
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Apr 26th, 2013.
Cooking on the Queens Quay   Cooking on the Queens Quay
Apr 26th, 2013.
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Aug 16th, 2012.