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My Staging Project - I can sing a rainbow: Getting the colours right View All Blog Posts
Posted 10:18am Apr 4/14
My Staging Project - I can sing a rainbow:  Getting the colours right March 26, 2014

OK, so we're making headway!

Our wallpaper removal project has required two whole days just to get the layers of paper and glue off. It has involved slowly steaming and scraping, being careful not to damage the wall underneath.

Now for the face-lift!

Let's just say I had a fun time at the paint store! Facing a cacophony of colour in every room, I selected a more neutral palette than what my client had been living with, but based it on what was already in the room so we could enhance it. Here are some of the Behr colours we went with.

Chocolate Froth 720C-2
Almond Cream W-B-710
Off White 1873
Polar Bear 8075
Irish Mist 790C-1
Cinnamon Cake PPWC-5

The kitchen counters were grey, so we went with grey and white trim. Quick and bright.

One bedroom was blue with a rust-coloured bedspread. To tone it down, we went with a cinnamon brown that picked up on detail in the bed spread and didn't overwhelm the eyes. It took lots of primer to make the colour change effective, though.

The orange basement panelling you will recall from my last post is now a soft white. The room has only small basement-y windows, so we needed lighter colours to illuminate the space and make it seem bigger.

The living room/dining room creamy beige colour now carries through the hallway. As often happens, one things leads to another - in this case, once the walls were brightened up the owner realised the ceiling, which had never been touched, needed a serious new coat of white. And voila!

The bathroom has green tiles on the floor and a shade of green on the walls that just doesn't work. Too expensive to rip out the floor, but we can paint the walls and cabinets white and add a green shower curtain to complete the look.

Another bedroom has green walls and ceiling - with red curtains. We won't be making any big changes in here, but will focus on coordinating the colours in a more soothing way. I miraculously found some awesome new curtains at Bouclair, which start out white at the top, then fade to a green that matches the shade of the room. I am adding a white coverlet to the bed with green accent pillows. My final addition here will be new white and brushed nickel lamps. Now it's less jungle room and more peaceful retreat.

The purple office will...stay purple. However, I've cleared off half the shelves. I decided to up the funky factor by incorporating world souvenirs collected over the years from Egypt, Italy, and beyond. Putting bright items on the walls makes it look more curated than random hodgepodge and gives some unique visual interest. My client was thrilled that some of her stuff was longer a burden to be dealt with, but could be cherished again and recall favourite memories.

While all of this has been going on, a similar house down the street has gone up for sale. It's the same vintage, but has had a significant reno. It will be hard to match its value when this one goes on the market; many people will look at this one as one that will need lots of work to modernize it. Still, it's crucial to get it to point where potential buyer can even appreciate what it does have to offer. And so we press on!

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