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My Staging Project - Staging: The Next Frontier!View All Blog Posts
Posted 10:08am Apr 4/14
My Staging Project - Staging: The Next Frontier!February 26, 2014

As a real estate agent, I am in the business of moving houses. I actually like to think of myself as a matchmaker - finding the right house for the right person. It's a delicate balance of desire, availability and means. On the seller's side, it is about getting the most money for your client in the shortest amount of time. But before you can even get started, you have to create the most inviting package. As great as the property is, as much as you love it, the house you are so comfortable with must be made palatable to the greatest number of people, which means...staging.

You've probably seen the TV version, with the agent sailing in with a plate of fresh-baked cookies to entice open house visitors. But staging is more than simple window dressing - it is a full-on assault on everything that makes your home unique. It requires fortitude and an emotional separation long before you actually pack up to leave. Your home will be built back up to a fantasy version of what most people like. This is where a good agent can become a great agent, as they tackle this fraught exercise with dispassion and a good eye.

I love staging. For the next few months you can follow me as I tackle a particularly challenging house sale. My client is moving out of her house into a retirement home. She has a life time of memories we will need to clear out before we even being to consider the best way to present the house. There will then be repainting, furniture rearranging, and just enough upgrades to make it modern without going over budget. And finally, the finishing touches that suggest someone does actually live there, or could.

To give you a taste of the task ahead, a photo... Wish us luck!

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