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Silvana BarbatoI'm Silvana Barbato and I would love to work for you!

I started my career as a manager in hospitality services in Toronto, London, Ottawa and Richmond Hill. Today, as a Real Estate sales representative I use many of my skills and knowledge from my past to provide excellent service and follow-up with my clients today.

My primary objective is to provide timely and professional service to all clients. I am here to help and to be available to my clients. When selling, I work to get your home ready and looking the best it possibly can. I bring an objective eye to any space and work diligently to make it look as appealing as possible to potential buyers.

When it comes to buyers, everyone is unique in how they prioritize what they want in a home. By combining a client's wish list with my knowledge and understanding of home values and trends, I successfully find clients homes that are both desirable and affordable. I truly believe buyers should take the time they need to get what you want.

I also have a team of preferred professionals I work with to add their knowledge to the job - movers, stagers, contractors, lawyers and more. Let me provide choices for you to get things happening and done right.

"Call me today and make your home buying and selling a great experience!"
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Cooking on the Queens Quay - Chickpea Entree   Cooking on the Queens Quay - Chickpea Entree
Apr 26th, 2013.
Cooking on the Queens Quay   Cooking on the Queens Quay
Apr 26th, 2013.
Silvana's Lentil Salad   Silvana's Lentil Salad
Aug 16th, 2012.